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Niche-Focused Prospecting Strategies to Increase AUM

Customized, Done For You Prospecting Campaigns with No Financial Risk.

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Designed to be replaced.

Similar programs attempt to grow advisor AUM digitally, but always fail, as they rely on cookie-cutter tactics which treat every client the same. Over time, FA's can become reliant on their mass-produced, low quality leads as they adopt a quantity-over-quality business model.

Our AUM Accelerator program is designed to be replaced.

Rather than relying on a long-term, pay-for-play lead machine, we get you recognized as the expert for a specific niche. Once you're established, we train you how to grow organically without our help.

You'll never have to pay for leads again.


Lead Gen Vendors

Use the same content for everybody

Target the same client demographics

Don't stand out from sea of other FAs



Customized material for every niche
Niche focused targeting

Become "Go To" FA of your Niche

In the end, the underlying methods used in the AUM Accelerator program are as old as Financial Advising itself. They've been modernized for the digital world, but we'll do the heavy lifting.

Cut through the noise. Build client relationships. Grow AUM.

AUM Accelerator Program

A step-by-step program to brand you as the resident expert within a your niche area, gaining hundreds of thousands of dollars of AUM in the process.

The best part? We'll do all the heavy-lifting!

Become a Niche Focused FA

Within months, you'll transform from another generalist FA to the "go-to" expert for your entire niche.

Provide Strategic Plan for Targeting Niche

We'll identify and track down your audience, and effectively brand you the expert.

Keep Focus and Accountible

We'll have periodic meetings where we review performance and post-campaign strategy.

Implement a Multi-Channel Approach

Your message will be everywhere. Multiply your success by reaching clients where they are.


The key to growing AUM in a niche market is meeting your clients where they are. Where are they? Online.


How We're Different

Cell phones, desktops, TVs. Your clients are never more than a few feet away from a screen at any given time.

We use cutting-edge data and personalized messaging to make you a part of your client's daily routine.

Other companies may incorporate one or two of these digital channels, but we strive to reach your exact client on all digital channels, with personalized messaging they can relate to.

Digital social media

Lag Time? What Lag Time?

Did you know, the average time it takes us from meeting with a FA to having their campaigns set up is only two weeks? Our secret is in our preparation. From the moment we meet, the our wheels are in motion.

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Day 1

Campaign begins with a customized lead magnet aimed towards your specific niche.

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Day 2

We meet to discuss niche specifics, and develop an outline for a custom webinar we'll create.


Day 14

You will record a webinar around the niche-specific content we compile, branding you the expert.


Day 15

As high-quality leads start to come in, we strategize on how to best serve your new niche clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While this tried-and-true method of prospecting new clients isn't exactly new, it may be new to your practice.
This is why we've compiled a list of some of our FA's most frequently asked questions.


What will happen during our initial strategy session?

We will discuss your business and goals. We discuss what you have done in the past and what worked and didn't work. We will review how Streamlined Advisor can help you achieve your goals and what we will do next.    
Who will I speak to 

Who will I speak to on the call?

You will speak to the founder, Craig Scott, who has over 20 years of experience. He knows the ins and outs of consistently growing a book while managing your book. He will share his knowledge and expertise during your strategy session.

How long will it take for me to see results?

That depends on where your business is currently and your ability to focus and execute. This is not an overnight fix or flip-of-the-switch to your current plan. Our goal is to set clients up for success, which requires us to understand you and your business.

How is this different from any other plan?

Most plans are from a digital marketing or branding agency tweaking a strategic plan template for whatever industry you are in. They charge you a small fortune, but in the end, it doesn't produce the new clients needed to grow your business. We cater specifically to FA's, because we are FA's.



The Streamlined Advisor, Craig Scott, has over 20 years of experience as a successful Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. He also owned RIA practice before selling his book to his partners.

Craig knows how hard it is to consistently grow a book while managing a book by yourself. He's here to help you grow/manage your practice with strategies that work, excite you, and differentiate you from the sea of other advisors.

If you're ready to build a referable practice for consistent AUM growth, book a complimentary strategy session.